midweek services

During Lent and Advent, the penitential seasons of the Church Year that lead up to Easter and Christmas, it is our tradition to gather on Wednesdays for Vespers. Join us for these evening services of psalms, readings, and prayers, that offer a space to quietly meditate on God's Word.

2024 Lenten series

No Old Testament saint attests to God’s grace quite like King David. Raised from the sheepfold to the throne of the house of Israel; raised again (and again, and again) from sin: pride, murder, adultery, and despising of God; lifted clear of the snare of the wicked (Psalm 119:110), of the pit (Psalm 30:3), of the very gates of death (Psalm 9:13); with no merit or worthiness in himself, David was continually raised up by God’s grace and favor.

God’s grace wells up in Psalm 41, where David exults in divine mercy amid his own weakness, powerful enemies, and treacherous friends. In this psalm, David tracks the flow of divine grace back to its source at the cross and, with prophetic vision, finds it springing forth in the lives of all baptized believers—including you....