explanation of Membership

Grace Lutheran Church of Dodge Center has three classes of congregational membership: baptized, communicant, and voting members. Every member of our congregation has been baptized, as the Scriptures and the Church clearly teach that a person becomes a member of Christ's Body, the one holy Christian and apostolic Church, through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. Once a baptized member is instructed and then approved by the voting members of the congregation, they become a communicant member who is able to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. After a communicant member has reached the age of 18, they are eligible to become a voting member who regularly attends the meetings of the Voters' Assembly and participates in the work of the congregation.

becoming a member

Individuals may be received as members of the congregation through Baptism, a transfer of membership from a sister congregation of the Missouri Synod, or through a profession of faith. Instruction in the faith and the doctrine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church is provided to those who wish to join the congregation from another church body not in altar and pulpit fellowship with the Missouri Synod. You may inquire into membership at any time by contacting the pastor.